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"My Memorable Vehicle" Photo Exhibit

As a new attraction for this year's Show, we will be accepting submissions from auto and motorcycle fans around the country of their favorite auto or motorcycle photographs, along with a brief statement of the memories they have of that vehicle. These will be put on display in the venue to demonstrate the dreams, enjoyment, and wonder that automobiles and motorcycles can bring us.

"My Memorable Vehicle" Photo Exhibit

"My Memorable Vehicle" Photo Exhibit

"My Memorable Vehicle" Photo Exhibit

Children's Art Exhibit

This event has been held ever since the show moved from Harumi, Tokyo to Makuhari in 1989 (28th show) as a program for greater interaction with the local community and a way to enhance the commitment of local residents to the show. It is conducted with the generous cooperation of the Chiba City Association of Kindergartens. This year, we asked for children in Chiba City in their last year of kindergarten to submit artwork brimming with creativity and ideas. We chose as our theme "Dream Cars: Our Futures," to provide children with the scope for free expression of their ideas about automobiles. All of the artwork submitted (3,617 pieces from 55 kindergartens) will be on display. (The 40th show displayed 3,530 pieces from 56 kindergartens.)

Children's Art Exhibit 1

Children's Art Exhibit 2

Children's Art Exhibit 3

Crafting Experience for Parents and Children

The Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions (JAW) will provide a hands-on corner to have children, who are our next generation, experience the dreams, fun and splendor of the automobile through activities such as paper craft car making, motor-powered car modeling and car painting. There will also be an exhibit of paintings on the theme of cars of the future.

Crafting Experience for Parents and Children1

Crafting Experience for Parents and Children2

Crafting Experience for Parents and Children3

PlayStation / Gran Turismo Booth

At the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Gran Turismo Booth, visitors can try the latest release in the Gran Turismo series of games for the Sony Playstation. Players can choose from a vast selection of cars including famous models of both domestic and foreign manufacturers, old favorites, and even the latest models.
Also, visitors who bring a game software of "Gran Turismo" exclusive for the PSP® (on sale October 1st) to the booth along with their own PSP® will receive a special bonus gift.

PlayStation / Gran Turismo Booth1

PlayStation / Gran Turismo Booth2

PlayStation / Gran Turismo Booth3

Tomica Choro-Q Corner

Held every year since the 35th Show in 2001, Tomy Co., Ltd.'s display and retail corner for toy cars has proved a hit with visiting children. Along with this year's Tokyo Motor Show Commemorative Model Tomica cars (retail price ¥630, tax included), 30th-anniversary edition models of Choro-Q specially produced and designed by George Tokoro (remote-control model: retail price ¥2,415, tax included; coil-spring model: retail price \630, tax included) will be available for purchase.

Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Commemorative Tomica

Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Commemorative Tomica

Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Commemorative Choro-Q

Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Commemorative Choro-Q

Tomica Choro-Q Corner1

Tomica Choro-Q Corner2

Tomica Choro-Q Corner3

Disney Corner

With cooperation from Oriental Land Co., Ltd., a Disney Dream Cruiser will be on display in the East Hall. With cooperation from Tomy Co., Ltd., the corner will also feature a diorama by Tokyo Disney Resort and Disney Motors illustrating a magical world of cars as only Disney can do it.

Disney Corner 1

Disney Corner 2

Disney Corner 3

TOKYO FM Satellite Studio

TOKYO FM will be setting up a satellite studio in the East Hall. Along with live broadcasts from within the Show, live acoustic shows, performances by various artists, and other entertainments are scheduled.

TOKYO FM Satellite Studio 1

TOKYO FM Satellite Studio 2

TOKYO FM Satellite Studio 3