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Car of the Year Japan Special Exhibition for 30th

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Car of the Year Japan Award, the Car of the Year Japan Executive Committee will be hosting a display of the winners from the first 29 awards, as well as the candidates for this year's award, in a showcase of a total of 40 automobiles from past to present.

Showcase Outline


Name of special exhibit: "The Winners of the Car of the Year Japan Award: A Retrospective"
Overview:The Car of the Year Japan award was established in 1980. In the intervening years, with the liberalization of exchange rates and abandonment of trade restrictions brought about by the Plaza Accord, the rise and collapse of the Japanese bubble economy, and the rapid growth of new economic powers, the global economy and technological innovation have transformed at breath-taking speed. Perhaps no other technology illustrates this evolution as clearly as that of the automobile, one of the pillars of the Japanese economy. From all the different automobiles produced every year, the Car of the Year Japan (COTY) award chooses one to represent the nation. By looking back upon the past recipients of this honor, the showcase illustrates 30 years of innovation and change in automobiles.

Showcase contents

Display of actual models of the past 29 COTY winners (including special awards)
Panel display of all past nominees on a yearly basis
Panel display describing the history of the COTY award and the winner selection process

List of Showcased Vehicles (as currently scheduled)

Year 1 Familia 3-door hatchback
Year 15 Odyssey Special award
Year 2 Soarer
Year 16 Civic / Civic Ferio
Year 3 Capella / Telstar
Year 17 Galant / Legnum
Year 4 Civic / Ballade
Year 18 Prius
Year 5 MR2
Year 19 Altezza
Year 6 Accord / Vigor
Year 20 S2000 Special award
Year 7 Pulsar EXA / Langley / Liberta Villa
Year 21 Impreza Special award
Year 22 Fit
Year 8 Galant
Year 23 Fairlady Z Most Fun award
Year 9 Silvia
Year 24 Legacy
Year 10 Celsior
Year 25 Legend
Year 11 Diamante
Year 26 Mazda Roadster / Swift* * Most Fun award
Year 12 Pajero Special award Year 27 Lexus LS460
Year 13 March
Year 28 Mira Best Value award
Year 14 Supra Special award Year 29 Toyota iQ