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Restaurant Guide

South Rest Zone

In order to meet visitors' needs, along with the permanent restaurants and shops located within the venue, 10 temporary food and drink restaurant will be set up in the South Rest Zone. This year's Show seeks to offer as great a variety of food as possible, including Japanese and western-style foods from around Japan and the world.
All temporary restaurants will be equipped with eaves to protect against rain.

South Rest Zone1

South Rest Zone2

South Rest Zone3

Operators Restaurant Name Menu
Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Ltd. Kentucky Fried Chicken Fried chicken, etc.
Nittoh Restaurant System Co., Ltd. Don Don Don - Regional Donburi Donburi (rice bowls) dishes from across Japan, tea-flavored soft serve
Ameyasu Shouten Co., Ltd. Makuhari Seaside Eclectic international cuisine, etc.
NEW BREED, Ltd. Udon Batake Original and regional udon noodle dishes
Kawashimaya Co., Ltd. Marond Sandwiches, fresh-baked breads, etc.
Meiji Parlor Co. Ltd. Meiji Yoshoku Tei Rice omelettes, western-style food
Chikurin Co. Ltd. Sarai Asian-style food
PaPa Crepe Co. Ltd. Aoyama Thai Ramen - Asian street stall food Thai food, crepes, etc.
Tokyo Catering Co. Ltd. Roppongi Nicolas House Eclectic international cuisine, etc.
Shimbashi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Bay Shop Shimbashi Nigiri-zushi, etc.

International Conference Hall Restaurant

A temporary restaurant will be set up during the show in the Convention Hall on the 2nd floor of the International Conference Hall. For this year's Show, the restaurant will be open at all times not only to exhibitors but to general visitors as well.

Along with the regional dishes that were popular during the previous Show, the menu will feature daily lunch specials geared to long-term staffers, moderately-sized lunches, sandwiches and other light fare. Service will be cafeteria-style.

International Conference Hall Restaurant1

International Conference Hall Restaurant2

International Conference Hall Restaurant3

Dates open : Saturday, October 24 through Wednesday, November 4, 2009 (General Public Days)
Operating hours : Weekdays 11:00 to 15:00, Saturdays and Holidays 11:00-17:00

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* Sample menu, subject to change

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