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Parts/Governments (West Hall)

Kanack Pranning Corp. W001
Arai Helmet Ltd. W002
2 brand-new models.
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Sonic Design W003
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Kyowa Kogyo Co., Ltd. W100
The first cold forged steering joint in Japan was applied to automobiles twenty years ago and as been studied and developed.High rigidity and good touch produced by our manufacturing method is focused worldwidely.
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Exedy Corp. W101
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U-Shin Ltd. W102
We wrestle with a study and development as concerns the development of a heightened automobile system every day.
It is to always meet the needs of the visitor with an advanced winning high-performance product.
Technology is mastered, the manufacturing that it is proud, and there is.
U-Shin opens up a new field.
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Asahi Denso Co., Ltd. W103
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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. W104
SEI group shows wide range of automotive technologies with applications under the theme "technological products ecological for environment"
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IPF Corp. W105
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