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Parts/Governments(West Hall)

Booth No. Exhibitor Name WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature
W003 Sonic Design wp CL 550 Sound Suite Concept  
W101 Exedy Corp.   Friction Linings for Clutch Disc  
  Products for AT Automobiles  
  Manual Clutch  
  Clutch for MotoGP  
  Clutches for Motorcycle  
W102 U-Shin Ltd. jp Side Latch It is the side latch which realized spacing-saving by gathering an axis of each mechanism in one.
With each mechanism, a key switch part or a base comprising a latch are shown.
Also, a latch case and the component have plural variations.
From manual specifications to super lock specifications, various variation development can be performed easily by changing the combination of the component.
jp Electrical Steering Column Lock Screw structure is adopted in rock bolt drawing mechanism, silent sound drive and high drawing power are secured.
A magnet and a hall IC are adopted for the state detection of the lock / unlocking, board size smallest ideally is realized.
Also, a deadlock system is had built-in, while improving performance of the prevention of theft, by the realization of small and light specifications, the freeness of the in-vehicle layout improves.
jp Outside Door Handle The touch sensor which was superior in operability is adopted, a lock and unlocking only by touch operation were realized.
The freeness of the design is improved in correspondence with a plating handle.
Also, high load acts on an outer handle for at the time of door freeze, when handle body curved, the damage of an LF antenna and the touch sensor circuit to have built-in is prevented.
jp Climate Control Panel Auto Type A function was integrated with one dial knob by right and left stand-alone temperature control.
Also, this dial switch has good operability, and it is a new sense.
Because a function can be changed just to incline a knob, that a knob is tipped, and it is turned can be performed in a series of movement.
jp Climate Control Panel Manual Type The manual heater control gathers an operating member and drive department, it can be also equipped in the smallest space and feeling of a wobble and the wire resistance in case of the operation is lowered, nightlight structure was further had.
The loop type flexible cable of the new development is adopted for drive of HVAC, thus, the disposition of the wire to HVAC is enabled in the small space, an imposition was also easy and became certain.
jp Climate Control Panel Manual Type Because a heater control function was gathered to the dial knob that two knobs continued, spacing-saving can be realized, as a result, the freeness of the design of the instrument panel spreads.
By the adoption of upsizing of the knob and a linear wire drive type by the planetary gear, feeling improves even a light actuation force, the disadvantage of the dial knob that circumference turned around was canceled.
jp Non-Contact Stop Lamp Switch A magnet and a hall IC were used for the detection of the pedal position.
Therefore, an electric circuit department is separated from the pedal contact department, and it is possible for sealing up structure, defectiveness of being turned on by alien substances such as earthly affairs and water, the grease also invading can be prevented.
Therefore, when the point of contact openes or closes, there are not mechanical abrasion and electric abrasion by the arc, and improvement of the durability can be planned.
  Mass Products(Basic Products) Other than lock sets, latches, climate control panels that are basic products, representative motor parts of U-Shin such as door handles, switches, electronic parts are exhibited.
W103 Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.   Various switches, Locks, Electrical equipments. 「Open the Way」 Dream and Challenge

 Exhibit the parts relate to the theme of
W104 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.   Magnet wires for HEV motors Display of rectangular magnet wires used for HEV motors
  Wiring harness Display of global network of business and halogen-free electric wires
  High-voltage wiring harness for HEV Display of high-voltage wiring harness for HEV
  Vibration-proof rubber for engine systems Dispalay of vibration-proof rubber for engine systems
  Resin hoses Display of specificated automotive hoses
  Sound insulators Display of specificated urethane-made sound insulators
  Frame car Display to show various automotive products of SEI group
  Superconductor Display of test driving of our trial product car using superconducting motor
  ITS System Display about SEI's wide range of ITS system including DSSS infrastructure equipments
  High porosity metal Display of CELMET used for nickel hideride battery polar plates for HEV
W105 IPF Corp. jp LED FOG  
W106 Nam Yung Lighting Co., Ltd. wp New power unit for Electric motor bike It is the promotion device which the motor which changed into the engine which fossil fuel was used for was used for.
Use is a small thing to use for the motorbike (Scooter).
It is restricted an area Tax,License and so on.
(in such cases as the engine CC or motor power W)
Performance equal to the engine couldn't show it in the power therefore restricted with a present motor.
But, if this new-model power unit is used, it can get equal performance in the limitation with the engine.
wp The front-wheel drive electric mini bike. Front-wheel drive type, a miniature minibike.
So far, make it transmit the power with the gear, the chain, and so on, and it is a tributary to turn a tire.
And the motorcycle of the front-wheel drive type could be made easily by using a wheel inn motor

and the body is all the steel was used.
As for this, reuse is easy in comparison with the plastic.

It is ecological & recycling.
  HID bulb,Halogen bulb,LED Manufactured by the KOREAN famous light bulb company.
high performance HID bulb and halogen bulb for the car.
and new color.
  Electric motor bike&power unit,HID bulb LED bulb Full Electric Motorcycle and the power unit for the scooter.
We display 3 another type new model.

1:Mini size type
*for apartment,car.because,this is very mini type.
2:Medium size type
*the new-model our's power unit on.
3:Business type
*the mail,the newspaper,the delivery can be use for
W107 Koito Mfg. Co., Ltd.   LED Headlamp Our high-output white LED headlamps offer world-leading brightness and lighting speed thanks to its unique optical control system and optimum lighting system. With its long life, high power-efficiency, space-saving design, it is attracting attention as environment-friendly lamps, and its usage is expanding primarily in “eco vehicles” such as the Toyota’s new Prius models.
  LED Rear Combination Lamp By using LEDs as the light source, this rear combination lamp offers higher power efficiency, longer life, and better space-saving design than the conventional incandescent-type lamps. It improves safety for the following vehicles as well as fuel economy, and also enables novel lamp designs.
  Lamps Using LED Light Source Power-efficient and long-lasting LEDs are being used as the light source for a variety of lamps, including not only headlamps and rear combination lamps but also fog lamps, turn signal lamps, and daytime running lamps.
  Next-Generation LED Headlamp System The next-generation LED headlamp contributes to safety both at night and during the day. During the daytime, the headlamp makes the vehicle conspicuous by changing the color of light depending on the environment, such as bad weather, thus preventing traffic accidents. At night, it makes driving safer by varying illumination ranges for different driving conditions and securing a wider visible field.
  High-Performance LED Rear Combination Lamp Advanced LED technology is used in this lamp system that improves safety by giving a warning signal to the following vehicles through flashing the stop lamp rapidly during emergency braking or when two vehicles have approached too closely. This concept model enhances the presence of a car with the large lamp unit glittering like a crystal and its novel design.
  Adaptive Driving Beam This is the next-generation headlamp system that offers the visible field for safer driving through improving the driver’s forward vision with the help of the installed camera recognizing vehicles in front. The headlamp lighting is controlled automatically, and it does not cause glare to vehicles in front or oncoming vehicles.
  Mass Reduction Technology KOITO is manufacturing products with care for the earth. Our environmental efforts include developing lightweight lamps that improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions through modifying materials and manufacturing methods, making parts more compact, etc.
  Domestic and overseas Products KOITO Group operates globally through 12 companies and 19 production bases in 8 countries outside Japan. With the motto “Taking the customers’ perspective to supply products and services that meet their expectations,” we strive to pursue the latest, most advanced technologies and to improve product quality, thereby making car society safer and more pleasant.