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Passenger Cars (Center Hall)

Mazda C05
Mazda Motor Corporation will debut its next-generation engines — featuring a direct injection “Mazda SKY-G” gasoline engine, a clean diesel “Mazda SKY-D” engine, and highly efficient automatic transmission “Mazda SKY-Drive” — at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, to be held from Saturday, October 24 through Wednesday, November 4, 2009. Mazda will also display the Mazda Kiyora concept car which carries Mazda’s next generation technologies as Japan premier and other future environmental and safety technologies.

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Subaru C06
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, announces the major highlights that will be displayed at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009. On the theme of ‘Take a Moment to Free Your Mind”, FHI will showcase Subaru’s efforts to integrate enjoyable and dependable driving with the global environment.
FHI will present the “SUBARU HYBRID TOURER CONCEPT”, a new proposal for the future of grand touring car that integrates environmental friendliness, driving performance, and safety at a high level. In addition, FHI will unveil the “Plug-in STELLA feat. BEAMS”. Designed in collaboration with the renowned specialty store BEAMS, the fully electric car is based on the Plug-in STELLA launched this summer in Japan. The company will also showcase a special version of Impreza WRX STI exclusively tuned for further enhancement of its sporty performance, as well as other production models such as the new Legacy. Besides showcasing these models, FHI will exhibit Subaru’s latest safety technologies, such as the “EyeSight”, an advanced driving assist system with pre-collision control using stereo camera technology.

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Toyota C07A
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Lexus C08A
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Daihatsu C07B
The Daihatsu Group slogan “Innovation for Tomorrow” will serve as the overall theme, while each exhibit will express the keywords for mini vehicles: eco, lifestyles, and fun.
Of the vehicles that will be on display, the e:S focuses earnestly on the impact that automobiles have on the environment and embodies the roles that mini vehicles should play. In order to maximize the underlying superior environmental performance of mini vehicles, the e:S successfully achieves high fuel efficiency of 30km/liter* through improvements to existing technologies and without adopting any new, innovative technologies.

The Tanto Exe based on the Tanto, which continues to enjoy strong sales, features a lighter body and higher fuel efficiency, and was developed with an expansive interior for use in a wide range of situations. Daihatsu plans a market release for the Tanto Exe in the future.

The Deca Deca was designed with leisure use in mind and maximizes utility, while the “basket” supports a slow pace of life in close contact with nature. Both models propose new possibilities for mini vehicles.
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Alpina C01
5 models on display featuring 1 World Premiere

World Premiere
-BMW ALPINA B7 BiTurbo Limousine Long
The long-wheel base ALPINA flagship model B7 BiTurbo Limousine Long, which is based on the new BMW 7series (F02), is shown in Japan for the first time.
The Limousine that combines driving dynamics with comfort, offers pure driving pleasure through exquisite handling and neutral steering characteristics and its outclassing potential.
-BMW ALPINA D3 BiTurbo Limousine
-BMW ALPINA D3 BiTurbo Touring
This new “BiTurbo” Sports Diesel is the successor model of the D3 single turbo Diesel.
BMW ALPINA D3 – “D“ with Three Meanings
1.The unmistakable indication for the diesel power units in the ALPINA family.
2.“D” stands especially for dynamism
3.Lastly the “D” stands for the German “Drehmoment” or torque, which the D3 has in spades.
This exceptionally powerful and unusually high-revving sports diesel engine, based on the 4-cylinder engine from the 123d, shows similar performance of a V8 gasoline engine or a large-displacement 6-cylinder diesel engine.
-BMW ALPINA B3 BiTurbo Cabrio
The B3 BiTurbo, based on the BMW 3 series (E90) 335i and uses super lightweight and extremely endurable pistons. While the displacement of the 6 in-line engine remains, two turbo chargers breathe on the power unit and achieves an output of 370 PS and 500 Nm of torque. The top speed of the hardtop Cabrio is 280 km/h and it accelerates from 0-100km/h in 5 seconds.
The Limousine body is the standard version. Coupe, Cabrio, Touring and 4WD Touring are offered as optional models. This model does not only show high-level performance but also combines low emissions and economic proficiency with pure driving pleasure.
-BMW ALPINA GT3 Racing Car (Special Exhibit)
After 20 years of absence ALPINA engages in motor sports again.
The V8 4.4-litre power unit of the BMW ALPINA B6 GT3, based on the BMW ALPINA B6S, is supercharged and has an output of 530 PS and 725 Nm of torque. It participates in the FIA GT 3 championship and the ADAC GT Masters series as well as in various 24-hour endurance races. This year in August the ALPINA team captured its first victory in the ADAC GT Masters on the Nuerburgring.

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Lotus C02
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Caterham C03
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