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WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature Photo
wp e:S A new eco-car that reveals the future role of mini vehicles

·The e:S is based on a current platform with the wheelbase shortened to 2,175mm. Although it has compact exterior dimensions, the four-seat intelligent package can accommodate four adult passengers.
·In addition to a compact body, the use of slim, lightweight seats and the replacement of many materials with lighter versions limits total vehicle weight to 700kg.
·The e:S is equipped with a conventional mini vehicle engine fitted with an EGR and an original combustion control system as well as an Idling Stop System.
·The high environmental performance of mini vehicles is maximized by combining existing technologies to achieve fuel efficiency of 30km/liter* without the use of an electric motor or other systems.
* Fuel efficiency under the 10-15 Japanese test cycle; measurements made by Daihatsu.
wp TANTO Exe The Tanto Exe and the Tanto Exe Custom were developed based on the Tanto, which has been received favorably by drivers with children. They are compact models that offer outstanding convenience in a wide variety of situations.
·Like the Tanto, both vehicles feature expansive interiors at the top levels in their classes.*
·The high-quality seats and sophisticated interiors allow adults to enjoy the pleasure of driving.
·The exteriors express both quality and vitality.
·The rear swing-type doors accommodate a wide variety of uses.
·The Tanto Exe Custom offers a premium feel that further enhances the sense of quality.
* Vehicle length by width by height; as of October 2009; according to Daihatsu survey.
wp DecaDeca A “super box” that employs low, flat floor technology.
·The low, flat floor and pillarless, side-by-side doors provide superb ease of ingress and egress and loading and unloading.
·The fold-away seats can be arranged in a variety of patterns to perform work inside the vehicle or stow large items.
·The vibrant interior and exterior designs emphasize functionality.
wp basket This all-weather model that supports slow pace of life is designed for full enjoyment of outdoor hobbies, such as for trips to the family vegetable plot out of the city.

·The four-seat vehicle features a removable hardtop roof over the front seats and a removable canvas top over the rear seats.
·The rear deck (located behind the rear seats) allows the transport of tools without having to worry whether they are clean or not.
·The seats and interior feature a motif that evokes the feel of linen material.
wp PMFLFC