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Official Merchandise

Official 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 merchandise will be on sale at 3 official merchandise shops located around the venue (center and west side of 2nd floor Central Mall and Yasuragi Mall area).

Along with commemorative products featuring the Show's logo such as keychains, mugs, t-shirts, and hand towels, in the spirit of this year's theme, "Fun Driving for Us, Eco Driving for Earth", which calls for a balance between enjoyment and environmental concerns, environmentally-friendly products such as stainless steel reusable portable chopsticks and real leather key case (recycled leather) will also be featured.

Also, starting with this year's show, a selection of Tokyo Motor Show merchandise will be available for purchase through the Tokyo Motor Show official website after the conclusion of the show through the end of the year for individuals who were not able to purchase merchandise during the show.

Official merchandise for the Tokyo Motor Show (tentative)

Official merchandise for the Tokyo Motor Show (tentative)
(Designs and items may differ from the picture shown above.)
Product name (tentative) Scheduled price (tax included) Product name (tentative) Scheduled price (tax included)
Printed cookies ¥850 Mini towel set ¥1,000
Chocolate ball/w toolbox shaped box ¥850 Portable stainless steel chopstick ¥1,800
Fresh mint tablet ¥800 Hand towel/tire ¥700
Pin badge ¥500 Luggage tag ¥1,250
Pin badge (4/2 wheel) ¥700 Real leather key case ¥2,000
Number plate strap ¥900 Plastic dome shaped strap ¥700
Imitation leather strap ¥900 Acrylic keychain ¥550
Car parts strap ¥800 Pin badge ¥350
Lanyard keychain ¥900 Micro cross ¥700
Wired keychain ¥900 Metal keychain ¥800
Portable ashtray keychain ¥1,200 Logo T-shirt ¥2,000
Wallet chain ¥1,200 Logo T-shirt /earth ¥2,500
Lighting ball pointed pen ¥800 Logo T-shirt /monotone ¥2,500
Mug cup ¥1,000 Logo T-shirt /Japan ¥2,800
Hand towel ¥600 Logo sweatjacket/ECO ¥7,000
Face towel ¥1,000 Logo sweatjacket/Japan ¥7,000
Non slip mat ¥1,000 3D Logo cap ¥2,500
Teddy bear doll keychain ¥800 Logo cap ¥2,500
Teddy bear doll ¥1,500 Mesh cap(Japan) ¥2,500
Real chain keychain ¥1,400 Kids cap ¥1,800
Carbon parts strap ¥1,800 Patch/ECO logo ¥1,000
Real leather keychain ¥1,300 Patch/TMS logo ¥1,000
ZIPPO lighter/w leather case ¥12,000 Patch/41st logo ¥1,000
Tenugui:Japanese traditional style towel ¥600 Yo-yo ¥800
Yunomi:Japanese traditional style tea cup ¥1,000 Logo sticker set ¥500
Reflective pad keychain ¥500    

(Product names and prices subject to change)