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The 39th Tokyo Motor Show-Passenger Cars and Motorcycles- (2005)
Logo Mark Finalized

February 17, 2005

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Itaru Koeda) is pleased to announce the new logo mark for the 39th Tokyo Motor Show-Passenger Cars and Motorcycles- (2005), which will be held at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba for 17 days, from Friday, October 21 to Sunday, November 6 of this year.

The logo mark is based on a bold, quick brushstroke rendering of the Japanese character for "1" (), and depicts a car running at full speed. The "1" represents our aim that the Show be the pinnacle of world motor shows and the new movement that begins from the Tokyo Motor Show.

The use of India ink calligraphy provides a powerful representation of the automobile while also symbolizing the tradition and culture of Japan, the home of the Tokyo Motor Show. The quickly moving car expresses the show's theme of "Driving Tomorrow!"

The base color for the logo mark is red, a symbol of the enthusiasm of people as they come together and their passion for the automobile. The India ink coloring represents Japan and its traditions.

The theme for this year's show is "'Driving Tomorrow!' from Tokyo" It expresses the Tokyo Motor Show's commitment to being the festive place where people can experience the world's most advanced technologies and designs, while at the same time serving as a source of up-to-the-minute information on interactions between the automobile and motorized society, focusing on the evolution of the automobile in developing in ever more environment-friendly directions.

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