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The 36th Tokyo Motor Show - Commercial Vehicles –
Closes with a Great Success on Nov. 3rd (Sun.)
- A total of 211,100 visitors turned out, far exceeding original expectations of 180,000 -

November 3, 2002

The 36th Tokyo Motor Show – Commercial Vehicles – (2002) (Patron: H. I. H Prince Tomohito of Mikasa), held for six days starting on October 29 (Tues.) at Makuhari Messe (the Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba City, drew to a close on November 3rd (Sunday) at 6:00 p.m.

A total of 211,000 visitors turned out for this year’s show, far exceeding original expectations of 180,000 (turnout for the previous 34th Tokyo Motor Show for commercial vehicles in 2000 was 178,000). The show organizer commented, “Despite the extremely harsh environment surrounding the Japanese economy, particularly the market of commercial vehicles, users have shown a very high level of interest, particularly in the advanced products and technologies introduced at the Show that can respond to the social needs such as the environmental protection, safety, and social welfare. In addition, we offered special events and exhibits that even the general visitors could enjoy. We believe that they contributed to this excellent response.”

This was the fourth year and the second Commercial Vehicles Show since the Passenger Vehicles & Motorcycles Shows and the Commercial Vehicles Shows were split up to be held in alternating years. It is also the first Tokyo Motor Show to be hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufactures Association (JAMA; Chairman: Yoshihide Munekuni) since the May 2002 merger of JAMA and the former Japan Motor Industrial Federation (JMIF), which had acted as organizer in previous years. 106 companies, two governments, and two organizations from seven countries participated in this year’s Show, which was based on the theme “Sense the Evolution_Commercial Vehicles on Stage.”

There were 314 vehicles on display, a significant increase over the previous Commercial Vehicles Show (287 vehicles at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show in 2000). Exhibits included 30 World Premieres (27 vehicles and 3 parts) and 21 Japan Premieres (9 vehicles and 12 parts), along with a wide range of new models and advanced technologies in fields such as the environment, safety, Information Technologies, and social welfare, all vying for the attention of visitors. Efforts targeting the environment were a major focus of this year’s displays, with a large number of trucks, buses, and other vehicles emphasizing advanced low-pollution technologies including fuel cell, hybrid, CNG (compressed natural gas), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and clean diesel. This is the first year that the Tokyo Motor Show has made public such World and Japan Premieres.

Events carried over from the previous Commercial Vehicles Show included the “Talk-in 2002” symposium and the “Commercial Vehicle Test-Ride,” where visitors could ride in large trucks and trailers, vehicles for the handicapped, and other vehicles on the public roads around the Show site. New events and displays included the “JAMA PR Corner,” the nostalgic “Vintage Commercial Vehicles Corner,” the “Commercial Vehicles Supporting People’s Life Corner,” where visitors could get a glimpse of vehicles that are generally not accessible to the public, and the “Motorcycles Supporting People’s Life Corner.” These diverse exhibits and events offered a clear presentation of the Show’s key concept – namely, that of a “Comprehensive Commercial Vehicles Show” which professionals and regular visitors alike can enjoy.

Next year’s “The 37th Tokyo Motor Show - Passenger Cars & Motorcycles - (2003)” is scheduled to be held for 13 days from October 24 (Fri.) to November 5 (Wed.), 2003, at Makuhari Messe (the Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba City. The theme of this show, which will be open to the general public from October 25 (Sat.), is “The Challenge: Driving toward a Better Future.”

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