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Detroit (January, 2005)

Name: 2005 North American International Auto Show
Show dates: Press Days: Sunday, January 9 through Tuesday, January 11, 2005 3 days
Trade Day: Wednesday, January 12 through Thursday, January 13, 2005 2 days
Charity Preview: Friday, January 14, 2005 1 day
Public Exhibition: Saturday, January 15 through Sunday, January 23, 2005 9 days
Venue: COBO Conference/Exhibition Center

Outline and Impressions of Show:

The 2005 North American International Auto Show was held in Detroit, in the State of Michigan, for 12 days between January 12 (Wed.)-23 (Sun.), 2005. The COBO Conference/Exhibition Center, the venue for this show in which 68 companies participated, is in Detroit City itself and covers 63,000m². While this year marked the 83rd anniversary of the Show, this is the 17th year since it became an international motor show.

Organized by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, this Show is split into three segments: 3 press days, 3 industry preview and charity preview days and 9 days for the public. This scheduling gives the Show the opportunity to focus on new car announcements to the media and industry, and it has earned itself a niche position due to this.

Each company worked hard to create something special for its press briefings. One of America’s Big 3, GM, divided its briefings into three parts and gathered more than a thousand press representatives to each of its daily press presentations on its own arena-type stage within the booth. The Ford Group went outdoors next to the main hall with the explosive idea of creating a stage and a course for cars to actually drive on in the COBO Arena (about 3,000m²), and this was just for press briefings. Each company incorporated a strong entertainment element into their booth, with music playing in the booths during the ten minute rest time between briefings, and live band music was used within presentations.

With GM introducing its hybrid technology, the tie-up between DaimlerChrysler and Ford for fuel cell car technology, and Ford announcing its plans for four or more hybrid cars within three years, the American automobile manufacturers focused much of their effort on the environment. While Japanese automobile manufacturers also focused on the environment, they were also paying attention to the SUV segment.

According to the Show organizer, 770,000 visitors attended the Show during the public show period. While this was down on last year’s 800,000 (2004), the local newspaper, Metro Connections, has reported that expansion plans for the exhibition center are well under way. The new hall, about 81,000m², and refurbishments of the existing hall will be completed n 2009, providing more space for exhibitors to show exactly what they want.
External view of venue
Press briefing (GM)
Press briefing (Honda)
Ford group booth
Toyota booth
Nissan booth