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World premiere


W003 Sonic Design CL 550 Sound Suite Concept
W106 Nam Yung Lighting Co., Ltd. New power unit for Electric motor bike
It is the promotion device which the motor which changed into the engine which fossil fuel was used for was used for.
Use is a small thing to use for the motorbike (Scooter).
It is restricted an area Tax,License and so on.
(in such cases as the engine CC or motor power W)
Performance equal to the engine couldn't show it in the power therefore restricted with a present motor.
But, if this new-model power unit is used, it can get equal performance in the limitation with the engine.
The front-wheel drive electric mini bike.
Front-wheel drive type, a miniature minibike.
So far, make it transmit the power with the gear, the chain, and so on, and it is a tributary to turn a tire.
And the motorcycle of the front-wheel drive type could be made easily by using a wheel inn motor

and the body is all the steel was used.
As for this, reuse is easy in comparison with the plastic.

It is ecological & recycling.
W108 Bewith Enterprise Japan, Ltd. Mirror Station AZ-1 Edition
This box converts "Digital data" to "Music information", and creates the ideal acoustic environment.
However, theory and technology do not matter to listeners. The proof is in the sound.
The digital data that goes through the AZ-1 is delivered to the listeners as the supreme music information based on in-vehicle acoustic characteristics and the product characteristics.
R-107S Edition
BEWITH's amplifier design concept "Air Circuit®" provides quick start, excellent response to small signal input and transient response, clear and remarkable sound quality.
Reference series deliver exceptional clarity, detail, and accuracy in reproducing the entire spectrum of sound.
W201 JTEKT Corp. Column Assist type Electric Power Steerig for Sport Car
Column Assist type Electric Power Steerig for Sport Car  
New Driving System for Sport Car  
W202 NSK Ltd.  
W205 Toyota Industries Corp.  
W207 Mitsuba Corp. Front Wiper Motor
By optimizing the double reduction mechanism and the electromagnetic circuit, we achieved a compact, high efficiency and world's lightest wiper motor.  
Brushless Motor for Electric Power Steering
This is a brushless motor for electrical power steering (EPS) as an alternative to hydraulic power steering. The motor with a good magnetic balance and quiet operating sound is perfect for the EPS system where low noise is required.  
small electric vehicle motor
Motor & driver that can apply to one-seater or two-seater electric commuter car.  
dynamo and motor teaching material kit
Assembly kit to study principle of dynamo and motor.  
W302 Jatco Ltd.  
Transmission for hybrid electric RWD vehicles
W402 Government of Canada ComforTech™ Performance Seating Urethanes
ComforTech™ performance seating urethanes, offer high-performance material properties, to achieve the ideal balance between comfort, weight, durability and cost. Advanced ComfortZone™ technology, offers a different firmness for each seat section, to reduce weight and deliver new levels of automotive seating comfort.  
StructureLite™ Seat Frames
StructureLite™ seat frames are manufactured from Polyurethane and Expanded Polypropylene, and are used in seat cushion, backs and bolster applications. This unique technology offers a less complex seat frame alternative to metal stampings, which significantly reduces weight, tooling cost and development time. StructureLite™ also improves comfort and trim appearance, and ease of trim installation.  
Stratas™ Headliner Technologies
Stratas™ headliner technologies help customers reduce the cost and weight and thickness, of the complete overhead system. Stratas™ headliner products include; StrataLiner™ composite boards, StrataCore™ substrate foams, and StrataPlush™ coverstock laminate foams. Woodbridge also offers StrataForm™ shell forming, which provides an improved, low cost forming process.  
W403 Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Power Seat
-World's top class lightweight power seat
-Reclining adjuster: angle stopper housed in the round gear has been changed to motor driven stopper to reduce size and mass of the round gear. It had the effect of making seat back frame thinner
-Slide adjuster: reduction gears which was placed front edge of seat track are integrated with motor unit to reduce rotational speed of driving rod. Sliding speed as well as vibrational and operational sound quality are improved
-Tilt/Lifter adjuster: structures are changed to sector pinion type from screw nut type to reduce number of parts and weight
*Cushion framework are co-developed with Toyota Boshoku Corporation
Medium Torque Capacity FWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission
・Lightweight and compact design compared to a conventional 5-speed automatic transmission
・Quick response by a compact torque converter and close gear ratios
・Lower cost by the common components with the high torque capacity automatic transmission for the vehicle equipped with V6 engine
Audi DVD Voice Navigation System for North America
・Compatible with Audi MMI(Multi Media Interface)
・Excellent visibility and user-friendliness that fit Audi’s special interiors
・5 languages available(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
・Equiped with Bluetooth® hands-free
※Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

6-Speed Manual Transmission for small sized vehicles with FF design
High quality 6-Speed Manual Transmission is developed for compact sized SUV and vehicles with FF design.  
W708 Stahl Europe bv Car interior parts
We will show the excellent surface coating agents on PVC, TPO and TPU substrates for car interior together with new technology water based "In Mould Coating" system.

C104 Midori Hokuyo Co., Ltd. Original leather seat
Original leather steering wheel
C203 Kosei Aluminum Co., Ltd. A Suspension Member made by Aluminum Casting
A Suspension Member made by the casting aluminum which
balances lightweighting with hardness.
We plan more lightweighting by making it hollow shape and
realize effective processing by using five axis processing airplane.
Among fatal accidents while riding on cars, about sixty percent of people are killed in frontal collisions(1*).

“Occupant protection seat for head-on crash” is a stand-alone restraint system to enhance occupant restraint performance in a frontal collision. Once sensors detect a collision, occupant restraint system launches extremely fast: it strongly retracts the lap belt and at the same time, it raises the front of the seat cushion with tugging it rearward. This work is supported by two actuators under the seat cushion that are driven by combustion of powder. The system reduces forward movement of occupant’s lumber approximately in half in our ratio(2*) and also reduces the maximum gravity that acts on the occupant.

(1*) Investigation conducted by The General Insurance Association of Japan in 2006.

(2*) Result in a 35mph full-width frontal impact test of a major passenger car