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World premiere


CZ01 Suzusho SUPASSE V
This is the second car show of extremely high performance closed sports car Supasse V. Director Toshio Suzuki was a Racing driver .
He and his two sons and his professional staff has been to designing and manufacturing sports car using 3D CAD systems for many years. The monocoque chassis and the suspension is designed by Suzusho. The rear sub frame is bolt on and is easily replaceable. The Suppasse-V is the closest thing on the road that is equal to a competitive racing car which, can be seen at Le-mans and many other circuits. The Body is shaped and designed by the famous Kenji Mimura, who is well known for Dome Zero and Le-mans cars in Japan. We are very pleased to present to you with satisfaction the Supasse V

CZ04 Phiaro P70t CONCH
P70t CONCH,is produced from the concept of an urban public vehicle.

This concept model aims toward the fusion of the car and mobile communication technology.

It places emphasis on attracting young people,for example using a mobile phone as a start key.

At the same time,this vehicle is equipped with an ICT transmitter. This provides the possibility of collaboration with car-sharing,taxi services and“ ubiquitous” infrastructure.

ICT=information and communications technology ubiquitous=existring everywhere

CZ06 CT&T City EV ‘e-ZONE'
City EV ‘e-ZONE’ is an electric vehicle without any CO2 emission since it doesn't burn fossil fuel, so that it can reduce the usage of energy, help improve the global environment. ‘e-ZONE’ is perfect economically for everyone with its monthly maintenance cost of US$7. Its maximum speed is up to 70km/h, and it can run 120km per charge. ‘e-ZONE’ is also reliable on safety perspective passing regular passenger car crash test requirements.
City EV ‘e-ZONE’ has many features such as small yet adorable outlook, high gradability, equipments like A/C, and it is suitable for official use, students commuting, shopping, patrol, delivery, and daily use for retired generation.