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Japan premiere


W102 U-Shin Ltd. Side Latch
It is the side latch which realized spacing-saving by gathering an axis of each mechanism in one.
With each mechanism, a key switch part or a base comprising a latch are shown.
Also, a latch case and the component have plural variations.
From manual specifications to super lock specifications, various variation development can be performed easily by changing the combination of the component.
Electrical Steering Column Lock
Screw structure is adopted in rock bolt drawing mechanism, silent sound drive and high drawing power are secured.
A magnet and a hall IC are adopted for the state detection of the lock / unlocking, board size smallest ideally is realized.
Also, a deadlock system is had built-in, while improving performance of the prevention of theft, by the realization of small and light specifications, the freeness of the in-vehicle layout improves.
Outside Door Handle
The touch sensor which was superior in operability is adopted, a lock and unlocking only by touch operation were realized.
The freeness of the design is improved in correspondence with a plating handle.
Also, high load acts on an outer handle for at the time of door freeze, when handle body curved, the damage of an LF antenna and the touch sensor circuit to have built-in is prevented.
Climate Control Panel Auto Type
A function was integrated with one dial knob by right and left stand-alone temperature control.
Also, this dial switch has good operability, and it is a new sense.
Because a function can be changed just to incline a knob, that a knob is tipped, and it is turned can be performed in a series of movement.
Climate Control Panel Manual Type
The manual heater control gathers an operating member and drive department, it can be also equipped in the smallest space and feeling of a wobble and the wire resistance in case of the operation is lowered, nightlight structure was further had.
The loop type flexible cable of the new development is adopted for drive of HVAC, thus, the disposition of the wire to HVAC is enabled in the small space, an imposition was also easy and became certain.
Climate Control Panel Manual Type
Because a heater control function was gathered to the dial knob that two knobs continued, spacing-saving can be realized, as a result, the freeness of the design of the instrument panel spreads.
By the adoption of upsizing of the knob and a linear wire drive type by the planetary gear, feeling improves even a light actuation force, the disadvantage of the dial knob that circumference turned around was canceled.
Non-Contact Stop Lamp Switch
A magnet and a hall IC were used for the detection of the pedal position.
Therefore, an electric circuit department is separated from the pedal contact department, and it is possible for sealing up structure, defectiveness of being turned on by alien substances such as earthly affairs and water, the grease also invading can be prevented.
Therefore, when the point of contact openes or closes, there are not mechanical abrasion and electric abrasion by the arc, and improvement of the durability can be planned.
W105 IPF Corp. LED FOG
W207 Mitsuba Corp. MOTOR ASSY START
This is a compact, lightweight and high output starter motor.  
W301 NHK Spring Co., Ltd. Totsubane
Disc Springs unaffected by confliction. Clearly effective in transmission control such as high-frequency ocillation.  
W403 Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Thin-type Body Weight Sensor
-The world's thinnest sensor with height of 9.55mm can be installed even in a seat having a low seating surface
-The double end-supported beam structure employed in the strain area and the metallic foil gauge used in the strain detecting area allow for high levels of strength, performance, and reliability
Vehicle Movement Manager (Like Top Athlete)
AISIN "Vehicle Movement Manager" integrally drives chassis subsystems, thereby allowing maximum movement control of the vehicle, similar to a top athlete that utilizes his/her physical potential to the maximum.

●Vehicle Movement Manager  
Calculates optimal values of forces applied to wheels under various driving conditions and controls the forces to optimum target values
●Chassis subsystem
Provides wide variations and sophisticated functions based on vehicle type; from compact passenger vehicles to large SUVs
□Exhibit systems: EPS Integrated Power Rake & Telescopic Steering Column, High Performance Electronic Stability Control, Actuator for Electric Active Stabilizer, Actuator for Active Rear Steering (ARS), Air Suspension System
Electric Vacuum Pump
-Improvement of fuel efficiency by approximately 0.6%, compared to an engine with a direct-drive type electric pump for gasoline passenger vehicle (2-litter engine displacement)
-High reliability and durability obtained by applying a dry slide reciprocal piston pump
Driver Monitoring System Integrated Camera

-The system detects driver’s facial direction by using property of symmetry in a face for adaptation to various faces
-The algorithm calculating the distance between upper eyelid and lower eyelid has developed
-The system adapts to various lighting conditions by newly developed original detection algorism

-Camera head design with buit-in control unit.
-Programmable: Various image recognition software can be installed
-Image manipulation: Distortion correction, geometric transformation, optical axis alignment
-Automatic picture control: Iris control, white balancing etc optimized to each application
Parking Assist System Integrated Camera

-Parking assist system with the use of rearview camera and audio guidance
-This system is helpful in parallel parking and reverse parking in a garage
-It enables visual confirmation of blind spots in the rear of the vehicle
-The color-image, super-wide angle camera has greatly improved target visibility

-Camera head design with buit-in control unit
-Programmable: Various image recognition software can be installed
-Image manipulation: Distortion correction, geometric transformation, optical axis alignment
-Automatic picture control: Iris control, white balancing etc optimized to each application
Medium Torque Capacity FWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission
・This automatic transmission contributes to enhancing fuel economy of the vehicle by reducing weight of the unit and improving efficiency.
・Improved both fuel efficiency and dynamic performance by optimizing the gear ratio
※ Based on Lepelletier system.
Toyota HDD Voice Navigation System for Japan (Compatible with G-BOOK mX)
·MOST*-compatible HDD car navigation system
·VGA display
·Compatible with ADAS-features deploying high accuracy location data
·Compatible with “Map on Demand”, the world’s first incremental map data updating service which downloads updated map data through G-BOOK mX Pro connection.
* MOST: Media Oriented Systems Transport. Protocol used in the optical fiber network that interconnects the different multimedia components of the vehicle
Audi HDD Voice Navigation System for China
・New generation Audi MMI(Multi Media Interface)
・Traffic information via RDS-TMC (Traffic Message Channel)
・Realistic 3D map view, VGA display and improved response time
・Menu display, voice guidance and map display in Chinese and English
・Bluetooth® hands-free
※Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
W501 Robert Bosch GmbH Gasoline Systems Powertrain component
- System know-how
- From component supply to turnkey projects
- Sensors, electrohydraulic and electromechanic actuators for mechatronic solutions
Customer benefits:
- Single supplier source
- Customer specific partitioning of software and hardware
- Worldwide development and production network
Powertrain Electrification (Hybrid System)
- Governmental Regulation
 CO2-legislation, taxes for fuel and electric energy
- Business models for infrastructure
 "Powerstation" and battery
- Enabling Technologies:
 Lightweight design, battery, E-drive, auxiliaries
Direct Gasoline Injection with Turbocharging
- Improvement of thermal efficiency due to Direct Gasoline Injection
- Synergies with exhaust gas turbocharging to further improve performance
- Reduce engine size and weight by downsizing
- Flexible injection strategies
- High torque even at low engine speeds
Customer benefits:
- Reduced emissions
- Low fuel consumption
- Sporty torque progression
ESP® Generation 9 (Electronic Stability Control)
- Scalable product design with modular software architecture
- Advanced microprocessor design
- Up to 3 integrated pressure sensors
- Accurate pressure control, even at lowest pressures
- Optional integration of inertial sensors
Customer benefits:
- Cost-effective design for all vehicle segments
- Smallest and lightest ESC system on the market
- Reduced application effort, in particular with optional ABS/ESC installation
- Extremely good noise behavior and pedal feel
Motorcycle ABS
ABS allows the rider to fully apply the brakes in an emergency, reducing braking distance without fear of wheel lock
Customer benefits:
- Increased motorcycle stability and riding comfort
- Optimal emergency braking without fear of wheel lock
- Improved braking distance
- Reduction in severe and fatal accidents
Battery (Hightec Silver), Wiper (Aerotwin Multi), Spark Plug (FUSION), Air-con Filter (Aeristo), Hor
Bosch Aftermarket products line-up is produced based on OEM No1. experience and results.
So only Bosch brand can supply "Peace of Mind" to the end user and no other brand can not supply this trust.
W503 MAHLE GmbH Low Friction Camshaft
Reduciton of inner engine losses (better fuel economy and more oil available for other systems). Easy replacement of stand camshaft. No grinding after camshaft assembly. No misposition.  
Plastic head covers
Plastic head cover with integrated functions, such as oil mist separator, pressure regulator, non-return valves, loss-secure T-join flange sealing, loss-secure fixing devices, interfaces for ignition coils, cylinder-selective blow-by return, interface for routing out the cleaned blow-by gas via quick coupling connection, interface for design covers, line routings, receptable for wire conduite, intergration of vacuum reservoir, adapotor and sealing for VVT engine.  
Charge air valve
The dynamic mechanism of MAHLE's fast-switching charge air valve enables high EGR rates of up to 50 percent without negatively impacting fuel efficiency.  
Electrical waste gate actuator
The electrical wastegate actuator improves engagement by avoiding the so-called turbo lag. In addition the fuel consumption is reduced because the exhaust gas counter pressure is kept as low as possible. Advantages include:
Up to 4% lower fuel consumption. Lower CO2 emission. High closing forces, High regulation quality. High position and repeat accuracy. Compact and robust design. Can be diagnosed.
All-plastic oil filter module
Cost and weight reduction. Large scope for design. High functional integration. Individual design for each customer. Maximum stability via innovative flange connection. Compact design of the filter element by using highly efficient filtration media. Fully assembled and tested with simple installation. Use of available serial parts. All important parts are produced in-house at MAHLE.  
All plastic oil pan module
Module cost reduction. Lightweight desing. Integrated functions. Thin wall thickness. Increase of oil volume in housing. Better or comparable NVH (compared to aluminium oil pan). Reduced assembly time.  
Oil pump
The controlled MAHLE pendulum-slider oil pump increases the efficiency of the lubricating oil supply in the engine and can reduce fuel consumption by up to two percent in NEDC.  
Coolant pumps
High CO2 reduction potential compared to conventional coolant pumps. Very high efficiency over lifetime. Flexible control strategy.  
W601 Schaeffler KG UniAir(FIAT FIRE Engine Cut Model)
Schaeffler Group provide advanced variable valvetrain compornents. UniAir is the first mass production application of cam-actuated electrohydraulic variable valvetrain system which perform fully variable valve lift and timing for individual cycle and cylinder. The advantages of UniAir system are better freedom of variability valve opening strategy, packaging size, weight and system cost compare with existing mechanical fully varible valve lift system.

engine benefit:
15% higher torque
10% higher engine power
10% CO2 reduction

engine data:
-4 cylinder gasoline engine (TC)
-1.4 L capacity
-Power: 99 kW (135 PS) at 5,000 rpm
-Max. torque of 206 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Following Schaeffler products are also applied in this engine
-UniAir actuator (inlet)
-Hydraulic tappet (exhaust)
-Overrunning alternator pulley (OAP)
-Water pump bearing unit
-Throttle flap bearing
-Dual mass flywheel (DMF)
Tandem Ball Bearing (ZF Rear Differential Unit, Vector Dirve Cut model)
Schaeffler group has been proposing and supplying advanced Tandem Ball Bearing for rear differential application of several customers to improve fuel consumption. This unique product helps to reduce friction dramatically & ristrict oil temperature increase just simply by replacing tapered roller bearing with our Tandem Ball Bearing.

- Low friction torque
- Low oil temperature
- Less internal wear => Keep constant preload
- Optimized internal design => Higher stiffness
- Downsizing & simplification of housing design
(by removal of cooling fin)
C103 Isamu Paint Co., Ltd. The next generation waterborne auto refinish paint “AXUZ-DRY”
C108 Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd. State Estimate System
C210 acument Japan K.K.