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Parts/Governments(Center Hall)

Booth No. Exhibitor Name WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature
C101 Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.   ENASAVE 97  
C102 The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.   DNA series eco-tires for passenger cars  
  ZEN eco-tires for trucks and buses  
  Special material for restricting air leakage (tentative name)  
C103 Isamu Paint Co., Ltd. jp The next generation waterborne auto refinish paint “AXUZ-DRY”  
C104 Midori Hokuyo Co., Ltd.   Leather seat  
wp Original leather seat  
  Leather steering wheel  
wp Original leather steering wheel  
  Leather shift knob  
C105 YP System Co., Ltd.   SHOBO RESCUE “Shobo RESCUE” is the world’s first portable carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher with three functions designed for vehicle use, “Shobo RESCUE” which is the world smallest one (19.5 cm in length and 370 g in weight) can put into the door pocket next driver seat, so, a driver can reach “Shobo RESCUE” by a hand when an emergency.Each product comes with a fire extinguishing function, hammer to break out door windows, and a cutter to cut through seatbelts, and these functions together make the “Shobo RESCUE” a reliable emergency tool.
There is no need for messy clean up of CO2 extinguishing agents which is different from powder extinguishing agents. It also has no impact on electrical systems even when used on electrical equipment that powered on. Even when Hybrids and Electrical vehicles have a traffic accident and fire on electrical motor, “Shobo RESCUE” can push out fire safely.
C106 Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.   iQ Cut Modeli  
  Airbag experience Simulator  
  The next generation cockpit  
  Match to Environment  
  Match to saftey  
C107 Toyota Boshoku Corp.   T-Buffet concept  
  Freedom Compact  
  La Seat&Fabrics  
  Slim Style Seat  
  Bio-Urethane Seat  
  New Generation Seat Frame  
  Instrument Panel Mystic Illuminations  
  Over Head Console  
  Low Friction Seatbelt Webbings  
  Door Trim Base Materials made from Kenaf and Polylactic Acid/Molded Surface Skin of Ecological Plast  
  Injection Molded Air Cleaner Case from Kenaf and Polypropylene  
  TOYOTA Prius Air Cleaner  
  TOYOTA iQ Cylinder Head Cover&Intake Manifold  
  Resin Cylinder Head Cover with OCV  
  Resin Intake Manifold for Horizonrally-Oppsed Engine  
  Replaceable Element Oil Filter  
  High Performance Air Filter  
  Full Fabric Air Filter  
  Hydro Carbon Adsorption Filter  
  Cabin Air Filter  
C108 Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd. jp State Estimate System  
C109 Rays Co., Ltd.   RAYS Formula1 Racing Wheel Proudly support Williams-TOYOTA FW31's footwork with our Japan made F1 racing wheel.
  Eco drive gear SuperECO Bringing lightweight and mileage savings is RAYS forged 1 piece ecology wheel.
  Eco drive gear CE28 Eco drive Lightweight, rigidity, high quality, and strength are characterized in our environmentally friendly Eco Drive Wheel line-up.
  VR.G2 With support and supply of RAYS racing wheels to Team Rahal Letterman Racing for the American Le Mans series; brings you the street version. This light weight and high quality VR.G2 is our newest addition to our forged 1 piece line-up.
  RAYS OEM Wheels Our technology makes it possible to supply all the way from top category Formula 1 to Ecology Wheels as well as provide OEM wheels to various automotive makers.