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WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature Photo
wp CB1100 The CB1100 was developed for discriminating adults as a new standard Naked model featuring an air-cooled inline four-cylinder engine. “Generosity” was a keyword of this model's development, and rather than aiming strictly for high-spec performance, its riding feel and eye-catching styling, both at stop and on the move, were also all carefully considered. Riding the CB1100 produces a satisfying feeling of relaxation coupled with the innate pleasure of owning it, seeing it and being seen by others.
wp CB1100 The CB1100 offers not only relaxed riding pleasure, but also enhanced comfort and control.
wp CB1100 Customize Concept The CB1100 Customize Concept is aimed at providing new value for the CB1100. Its specially striped Italian red tank coloring, compact bikini cowl solo seat all combine to project a more vivid race-winning image reminiscent of Honda's 1960s World Grand Prix Champion RC racers.
wp CB1300 SUPER TOURING With its upright riding position, specially designed windscreen and stylish pannier cases, the CB1300 SUPER TOURING version was developed in the pursuit of enhanced long-distance, high-speed touring enjoyment. Combined-ABS is also fitted as standard equipment on this model.
wp CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR Based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, the CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR was released in 2005 with an attractive half cowl that offered excellent wind protection, improved comfort at highway speeds and convenient storage spaces. For 2010, the CB1300 BOL D'OR features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.
wp CB1300 SUPER FOUR The CB1300 SUPER FOUR is Honda's flagship Naked road sports model. It debuted in 1988 based on the "Project Big-1" concept that set out to embody dramatic riding pleasure coupled with exhilarating riding performance. For 2010, the big CB features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.
  CB400 SUPER BOL D'OR The CB400 SUPER BOL D'OR is mounted with a stylish, frame-mounted half-cowl that offers enhanced high-speed riding comfort and convenient storage spaces. This lightweight sports model is powered by Honda's long-proven VTEC engine, which churns out a wide band of smooth, strong and responsive power, and features advanced PGM-FI for optimized combustion efficiency that ensures low emissions. Its ABS version now incorporates Honda's latest Combined-ABS system.  
  CB400 SUPER FOUR The CB400 SUPER FOUR is Honda's standard mid-displacement Naked model. Its long-proven VTEC engine churns out a wide band of smooth, strong and responsive power, and features advanced PGM-FI for optimized combustion efficiency that ensures low emissions. Its ABS version now incorporates Honda's latest Combined-ABS system for enhanced riding confidence and control.  
  CBR1000RR With its awe-inspiring performance and compact mass-centralized design, the CBR1000RR is Honda's popular flagship Super Sports model. The CBR1000RR achieves even more exhilarating performance with further weight reductions pursued through the re-examination of individual part weights and sizes, and throttle control improved for more precise sports riding response. Its newly designed rear cowl and new clear-lens taillight project a more aggressive racing image. The CBR1000RR in available in both standard brake and advanced electronically controlled Combined-ABS versions.  
  CBR600RR The world's first electronically controlled Combined-ABS designed for Super Sports models, which integrates both ABS and CBS brake systems into one high-precision unit, debuted on the CBR600RR in February of 2009 to offer more smoothly responsive braking confidence and control than ever before. For 2010, the CBR600RR also features new body coloring that exudes an even sportier image. A standard version not equipped with Combined-ABS is also available.  
jp VFR1200F Since its debut in 1986, the VFR has won an outstanding reputation as a sports tourer featuring a refined balance of distinctive styling, powerful performance, superb comfort and agile maneuverability. The all-new VFR1200F achieves even higher performance potential with the incorporation of numerous advanced new technologies. Its aerodynamic high-tech fairing combines with a newly designed seat to offer both enhanced riding comfort and design flexibility. The new VFR1200F was specially designed to give its adult owners a more deeply satisfying blend of riding enjoyment, pride of ownership and a strong feeling of high-powered superiority. A Dual Clutch Transmission version of the VFR1200F is also available.  
jp VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission Featuring the world's first motorcycle transmission of its type, the VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission is an automatic version of VFR1200F that maximizes sports riding enjoyment for a broader range of customers. Innovatively fusing the direct feel of a standard manual transmission with the incomparable operating ease of an automatic transmission, the new VFR1200F's Dual Clutch Transmission introduces a whole new level of sportsbike riding ease and enjoyment.  
jp VFR1200F with Dress-up Parts and Accessories Specially designed to match the VFR1200F impressive styling, a range of accessories have been developed together with this top-of-the-line sports touring machine. Special panniers (each with a capacious 29-liter capacity) were designed for enhanced long-distance touring convenience, while a 40-liter top box is also available for greater carrying capacity. A newly developed grip heater system further assures supreme riding comfort on even cold days.  
  VT1300CX The VT1300CX really grabs attention with its long front fork and “high-neck” cruiser styling, featuring a modern and attractive "custom shop" look backed up with highly advanced Honda technology, confident control and assured reliability. With select parts and a clean wiring layout, the VT1300CX offers a sophisticated silhouette and impeccable styling. Its 1300cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHV V-twin engine provides ample power and a satisfying, pulsating feel of strongly accelerating torque. Advanced PGM-FI assures cleaner emissions and more economical operation.  
jp VT1300CS The VT1300CS is a street custom version of the VT1300 series that offers a distinctively captivating silhouette with characteristic proportions expressed in its 21-inch front and 15-inch rear tires and stretch fuel tank.
jp VT1300CR With select parts and a clean wiring layout, the VT1300CR also presents a sophisticated silhouette and styling like that of the VT1300CX. Its deeply balanced front and rear fenders were specially designed to impart a modern retro custom cruiser styling with long and low proportions. Its windscreen and leather panniers are available as optional equipment for enhanced touring comfort.
  SHADOW Phantom<750> The SHADOW Phantom<750> is a new addition to current SHADOW series lineup. With it's short fenders, massive front fork and matte black fuel tank and parts radiating a powerful impression of strength, the new SHADOW Phantom projects a wild and imposing custom image.  
  DN-01 Touring Concept With its unique styling, torquey V-twin engine and advanced automatic HFT (Human Friendly Transmission), the DN-01 is one of Honda's flagship motorcycle models. A taller windscreen and large panniers have been attached to this Touring Concept machine to provide enhanced touring comfort together with its chic new coloring.  
wp EV-Cub Strongly reminiscent of the first-generation Super Cub, the new EV-CUB is a new-generation EV commuter concept model designed to provide environmentally friendly motorcycle riding enjoyment for a wide variety of users. Offering friendly, simple, slim and compact styling, the EV-CUB delivers ample power through the electric motors integrated into both its wheels and the batteries mounted in its aluminum frame. Like the Super Cub, its convenience features include a capacious utility space under its seat.
wp EVE-neo EVE-neo is an EV concept model designed for business use, such as post and delivery services. Its symbolic design combines a clean, modern New Value image and rugged, reliable styling. The EVE-neo is aimed at a diverse range of business environments as a clean and quiet source of urban mobility in the near future.
jp PCX The PCX was designed to be a global 125cc standard scooter model, initially focusing on Europe and Asia. Featuring excellent maneuverability, safety and environmental compatibility along with ample built-in utility storage space designed into its compact bodywork, the PCX exudes a high-quality image among 125cc scooters for a variety of customers around the world. Featuring the Idle-Stop system, the PCX provides enhanced fuel efficiency and greatly reduced emissions, while its innovative integrated ACG starter assures quiet operation and excellent everyday practicality for a fully satisfying mode of transport that anybody would take pride in owning.
  SUPER CUB 110 The SUPER CUB 110 was developed for the Japanese domestic market with an excellent combination of economical performance and business-oriented usability. Powered by an environmentally friendly new 110cc 4-stroke engine, this new SUPER CUB 110 offers highly economical riding capability. With its modern ergonomic design assuming traditional yet original styling, the SUPER CUB 110's curvaceous form is uniquely appropriate to this next-generation SUPER CUB.  
  VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission Cutaway Engine A cutaway engine display of the new VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission. This totally new 1200cc V4 engine delivers both the comfortable pulsating feel of a big V4 and the smooth accelerating performance of an inline-4. Featuring Honda's first production motorcycle throttle-by-wire system, this V4 engine achieves both linear response and excellent fuel economy. The VFR1200F also features the world's first fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission system designed exclusively for motorcycles, which provides greatly enhanced riding enjoyment for riders who want to experience the full fun of riding with astoundingly simple operation.  
  PCX Cutaway Engine A cutaway engine display of the new 125cc PCX scooter. The Idle-Stop system features high fuel efficiency, low emission and low noise thanks to its innovative ACG starter.  
  SILER WING GT<400>ABS Based on a Luxury GT 2-Seater concept, the SILVER WING GT (Gran Turismo) features superb high-speed performance and long-touring comfort in a high-quality scooter. Exuding a high sense of quality, the SILVER WING GT's aerodynamic design offers exceptional wind protection for enhanced riding comfort at higher speeds and long-distance touring.  
  FORZA Z Audio Package Riding on large, 13-inch wheels, the FORZA features sporty yet elegantly curvaceous styling and a large-capacity carrying space under its seat, for a peerless combination of smoothly assured handling and luxurious riding quality. The FORZA is also the first lightweight Honda scooter to feature a built-in audio system, available for all types, including its ABS version.  
  FAZE Based on the concept of Personal Comfortable Mover, the FAZE was developed with the aim of offering enhanced performance for riding everywhere from downtown to the suburbs. Styling is sporty and features a compact 'edge line' design, with emphasis on its dynamic front and rear designs providing a new sense of value in scooters. An ABS version is also available.  
  VTR STYLE II Powered by a torquey and easy-to-operate liquid-cooled V-twin engine equipped with advanced PGM-FI, the VTR is a lightweight Naked V-twin sports model offering full-bodied riding enjoyment to a wide range of customers — male or female, and from novice riders to seasoned veterans.  
  RC212V These 2009 RC212V MotoGP machines were ridden by Repsol Honda Team rider Dani Pedrosa. These highly tuned HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) Works race machines are powered by liquid-cooled 4-stroke V4 engines, and are fighting it out with the fastest, most powerful racing machines in the world.  
  CRF450R This machine was ridden by Kazumasa Masuda (Dream Honda RT Masuda) in the 2009 MFJ All-Japan Motocross Championship.  
  COTA 4RT This machine was ridden by Toni Bou (REPSOL MONTESA Honda) in the 2009 FIM Trials World Championship. Its 4-stroke engine is powerful and environmentally-friendly, and makes a large contribution to the precise balance and control needed for trials competition.  
  Riding Simulator The riding simulator allows novice riders to experience and understand dangerous riding situations in a safe environment. The simulator can reproduce a wide variety of riding patterns and conditions to teach defensive riding techniques in real time.  
  Riding Trainer Simple construction allows the operating controls to be connected to a personal computer for rider training. Students can practice proper riding techniques before riding an actual motorcycle, and instruction can be given on how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.