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WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature Photo
wp EV-N Creating a fun, easygoing relationship between person and car—the people-friendly future of mobility. EV-N!
The same carefree way you talk to friends on a mobile phone or listen to tunes on a music playe - an easygoing car that could be like the owner’s friend. This is the concept that gave birth to the compact city commuter called EV-N. Perfectly at home in urban environments thanks to its compact size, EV-N briskly takes drivers everywhere they need to go, bringing smiles to faces with its friendly, simple design.EV-N is a fun, easygoing car for everyday driving pleasure.
wp SKYDECK Transcending generational and lifestyle boundaries to offer multipurpose transport—the Skydeck six-seater hybrid vehicle
In designing the Skydeck, Honda transcended these traditional boundaries to create an automobile appealing to people of a wider range of ages and lifestyles. Powered by a hybrid system and featuring compact, flexible packaging, the Skydeck is perfect for transporting people and the things that make people’s lives more fun. With an exterior design that is both distinctive and functional, this new kind of hybrid vehicle leaves behind the concepts of the past. It’s the car for a freer and more enjoyable way of life.
wp CR-Z concept Taking Honda hybrids to the next level of popularity with style and fun—
the CR-Z Concept 2009
Continuing to make gasoline-electric hybrid cars more accessible and approachable, Honda puts a new spin on hybrid fun and enjoyment with the CR-Z Concept 2009. Powered by Honda’s compact, lightweight and efficient Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system, the CR-Z Concept 2009 features a broad, low-slung stance with a short wheelbase, as well as styling that is advanced and modern yet attractive and emotional. With its environmentally responsible powertrain, the CR-Z Concept 2009 offers a highly responsive and enjoyable driving experience that makes the driver truly feel at one with the vehicle.
  Civic Type-R Euro Performance forged on European roads, design with a European flair - Civic Type R Euro
The Civic Type R is built to perform under the demanding conditions found on European roads.
So rather than just trying to look good on the spec sheet, Honda has designed the engine to transport the driver with speed and comfort under the most demanding conditions. For the exterior design, Honda has gone all out to deliver a distinctive, striking presence. Likewise, the interior design is exacting to the last detail, from selection of materials to the sound of the engine. Featuring the highest levels of driving performance, design and quality, the Civic Type R Euro is in every respect a premium sports car built to impress the most discriminating European car aficionado. And it’s scheduled to be released in Japan in November 2009.

  Step Wagon Making journeys more enjoyable and life a little easier—the ultimate minivan for the whole family
The new Step WGN gives children plenty of space in which to enjoy themselves, provides adults the roominess they need for full comfort and offers the highest level of functionality and utility. In addition, the new Step WGN offers segment-leading1 fuel economy for reduced fuel costs and enhanced environmental performance. With its low floor and low center of gravity, the new Step WGN offers exceptionally comfortable, stable driving and interior roominess. It is also the first in its segment to offer third-row seats that can be stowed beneath the floor. Offering a level of fun and convenience unprecedented in the minivan segment, the Step WGN continues to make family life more enjoyable and convenient.

1 “5-number” 2,000-liter-engine, 8-occupant vehicles 1,800mm or taller. Honda research.
  Step Wagon Spada Sporty and individualistic with a premium feel—Step WGN Spada

With special touches like its exclusive front grille with the look of machined aluminum, the Step WGN Spada offers extra luxury and style. At higher cruising speeds, special aerodynamic parts contribute both to fuel economy and downforce while the exclusive suspension helps make steering more stable. Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters provide the feel of manual control for the driver who appreciates a personalized driving experience.
  INSIGHT Making hybrid cars accessible to more people—
Insight, the compact hybrid for everyday driving
Believing that technology can help the world only when it is accessible to a wide range of people, Honda created the Insight—a nimble dedicated hybrid vehicle with an exclusive body and design. The Insight features Honda’s original Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system—now more compact, lightweight and efficient than ever before.Offering not just exceptional fuel economy but also the performance and utility that drivers want, the Insight is priced affordably to help put hybrid technology within reach of the greatest number of people possible.
  FCX CLARITY The FCX Clarity is a fuel cell vehicle powered by the electricity it generates from hydrogen stored in a tank and oxygen received from the atmosphere. The ultimate clean vehicle, the FCX Clarity produces no emissions other than pure water. In 2002, Honda became the first company in the world to lease fuel cell electric vehicles. In 2008, Honda launched the FCX Clarity, powered by a revolutionary new fuel cell stack.  
  Civic Hybrid Pioneering advanced environmental performance—Civic Hybrid
Implementing a full upgrade of the Civic lineup, Honda introduced the second-generation Civic Hybrid in 2005. A 1.3-liter, 3-stage i-VTEC engine providing three stages of valve timing is paired with an electric motor with enhanced output to form an IMA hybrid system that is even more efficient and compact. Thanks to the resulting combination of ample, responsive torque and outstanding fuel economy of 31 km/L,* the Civic Hybrid transcends the role of environmentally responsible vehicle to offer the complete automobile that drivers desire.

*MXB package. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism calculations in Japan’s 10•15 mode.
  FIT The ideal small car—and a global hit
Honda’s original center tank layout is what makes the Fit such a revolutionary small automobile. Combining a small, nimble body with a generous, high-utility interior, the Fit offers both outstanding fuel economy and satisfying comfort. A hit around the world, the Fit is currently available in 115 countries.
  FREED The compact minivan that makes life freer
Honda’s minivan and small car DNA combines in the Freed, whose Honda-original platform features a low floor and low center of gravity. With a body just right in length, the Freed offers three rows of seats and a roomy interior to support every type of lifestyle in comfort and convenience.
  ACCORD The global sedan renowned for its smooth ride and overall quality
With long trips its specialty, the Accord offers cruising, turning and braking performance at a world-class level, while its advanced features provide enhanced comfort and peace of mind. Known around the world for exceptional quality in finish and performance, the Accord offers both the satisfying basics and refined details that add up to a truly elegant automobile.
  ODYSSEY The pioneering minivan that’s ideal for large-family transport
Recognized as the pioneering minivan in Japan, the Odyssey has created new value both as a high-capacity means of transport and as an exceptional automobile in its own right. The fourth-generation Odyssey is the most distinctive yet, driving as though it can read the driver’s mind and providing an unprecedented level of comfort to every occupant. It’s a minivan that speaks not only to the mind but also to the heart.
jp ACTY Truck More comfortable, convenient, and tough with the same ample load-carrying capacity—Acty truck
The Acty truck has earned a reputation for improving workplace convenience by lightening workers’ burdens and improving their efficiency. And now, for the first time in ten years, it has received a complete makeover.
A shortened wheelbase results in a minimum turning radius of just 3.6 m (2WD vehicle) for improved maneuverability. The distance between the driver and the front window has been expanded, as has the width and depth of the footwell, ensuring a more relaxed driving position and easier entry and exit.
Featuring the same ample load-carrying capacity, the new Acty truck is more comfortable and convenient than ever before.
Note: All figures are estimations.
  LIFE The advanced small car that lives up to its name
The Life makes everyday life easier, offering utility and ease of operation in a small, economical package. While complying with regulations for vehicles of its size in Japan, the Life makes no compromises whatsoever, offering the complete set of performance characteristics that has earned it fans nationwide.
  CR-V Anywhere, anytime, it’s a delight to drive: the grand SUV
By displaying both refinement in the city and intrepid spirit off paved roads, the CR-V created an entirely new category of automobile in Japan. With its elegant exterior design, quiet and stable ride and comfortable, relaxed interior, the CR-V offers driving pleasure and pride of ownership at the highest level.
  ZEST Distinctive and dynamic—a small car with true presence
Born of the popular Zest, the Zest Spark features generous interior space and a high-utility cargo area. It’s also the only small automobile in Japan to earn six stars in crash safety testing.1 With its exclusive front bumper and grille, the Zest Spark makes an unforgettable impression.
1 As assessed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims’ Aid.
  Step Wagon Special-Needs Vehicle Step wagon to which it grows and easiness to use extends. The step wagon that swells the enjoyment that goes out appears in the easiness specification for more families. Side lift up seat car that gets on and off in slide door smooth. It is always recommended to use the wheelchair and the cane. Getting on and off can be supported from both sides of lift up with the slide door.  
  FIT Special-Needs Vehicle Seat of rotation around passenger's seat car that can get on and off comfortably.
It equips it with a convenient rotating seat to get on and off by firmly thinking about "It is pleasant" person individual to get on in the passenger's seat. Because it is a special seat where sitting feelings are good, a long drive is also comfortable.
  IMA hybrid system (cutaway model) Hybrid system that watches easiness of every day to use and evolved.
Honda hybrid system to which motor supports leading part's engine. Various advantages have been achieved by assuming a small, light system that makes the best use of the simple structure not to mention low fuel cost.
  FCX Clarity V Flow FC Stack (cutaway model) The V Flow FC Stack in the FCX Clarity features a new cell configuration in which hydrogen and air flow vertically, unlike conventional fuel cells, in which the flow is horizontal. Gravity helps drain the water that appears on the electrical generating surface, resulting in more stable power production. And Honda’s original wave flow-channel separators facilitate a more even and efficient supply of hydrogen, air and coolant to the electrical generating surface. These innovations add up to a maximum output of 100 kW and a major advance in compact, lightweight design. The new V Flow FC Stack offers 50% higher output density by volume and 67% higher output density by mass compared to Honda’s previous-generation fuel cell stack.  
  FCX Clarity drive motor/gearbox (cutaway model) Driving motor adopts a new structure. As a result, a max power 100kW and overwhelming torque densities. The output density is achieved, the resonance point in the high frequency area is improved, and the losing silence has been improved. Moreover, making to compact is achieved with driving motor by an epoch-making technique of making the shaft in the gear box coaxial.