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WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature Photo
wp ALTO CONCEPT Within body lines that hint at nippy performance, there's a fresh interior that's focused on convenience;storage space that's easier than ever to use;a newly adopted keyless start system;and a fuel-saving continuously variable transmission. Every time you drive the Alto, its smart new features will win your heart again.
wp SWIFT Plug-in Hybrid The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is powered over modest distances by a battery that's charged using household mains electricity. When the battery runs low, an engine-driven generator take over.
The battery is housed in the centre console for a good combination of utility and weight balance.
wp Kizashi The Kizashi is Suzuki’s new flagship model. It offers bold, sporty styling; a refined cabin that’s the result of careful craftsmanship; equipment that reflects a focus on comfort; and exhilarating performance. Plus, it combines sporty handling with great ride comfort thanks to extensive testing and fine-tuning on roads in Europe and North America.
“Kizashi” is a Japanese word meaning “a sign of great things to come”. As the name of Suzuki’s new flagship model, it reflects the dynamic, forward-looking approach with which Suzuki takes up new automaking challenges.
Suzuki plans to launch the Kizashi in the United States after launching it in Japan.
  SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle The SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle uses a high-performance fuel cell, a tank od highly pressurized hydrogen, and a lightweight capacitor to realize a maximum speed of 150km/h and a driving range (measured in the Japanese 10-15-mode cycle) of 250km.  
  WAGON R    
  ALTO Lapin    
  MIO Fuel Cell Seniorcar The fuel cell in Suzuki's latest mobility scooter for the elderly uses a convenient liquid methanol solution. It gives a range of about 60km per tankful, making refueling stops few and far between, and it's a simple to maintain.
Plus, extra fuel can be carried in a cartridge-type bottle so the user doesn't need to worry about running out of fuel on the road.