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World premiere


W06 Yamaha SR400(F.I.)
First released in March of 1978, the SR400 offers an unchanging simplicity of design and an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with its inherent sense of pulse that gives it its distinctive riding feeling. These qualities have made it a long-selling model with a steady following of fans for over 30 years. As times have changed and technologies have advanced, this model has undergone a series of detail improvements and continued to evolve in ways that deepen the SR character while staying true to the original product concept of embodying the fundamental motorcycle without being swayed by the trends of each era.
This Special Exhibition Model of the SR400 adopts a fuel-injected engine for outstanding environmental performance while maintaining its traditional lightweight, slim and compact design ideal plus the sense of pulse and the styling that have always defined the SR models. Also, a new retro-modern styled meter panel and newly designed side covers and Yamaha emblem add new touches of quality.
The Load of YAMAHA Adventure's
W08B Honda CB1100
The CB1100 was developed for discriminating adults as a new standard Naked model featuring an air-cooled inline four-cylinder engine. “Generosity” was a keyword of this model's development, and rather than aiming strictly for high-spec performance, its riding feel and eye-catching styling, both at stop and on the move, were also all carefully considered. Riding the CB1100 produces a satisfying feeling of relaxation coupled with the innate pleasure of owning it, seeing it and being seen by others.
The CB1100 offers not only relaxed riding pleasure, but also enhanced comfort and control.
CB1100 Customize Concept
The CB1100 Customize Concept is aimed at providing new value for the CB1100. Its specially striped Italian red tank coloring, compact bikini cowl solo seat all combine to project a more vivid race-winning image reminiscent of Honda's 1960s World Grand Prix Champion RC racers.
With its upright riding position, specially designed windscreen and stylish pannier cases, the CB1300 SUPER TOURING version was developed in the pursuit of enhanced long-distance, high-speed touring enjoyment. Combined-ABS is also fitted as standard equipment on this model.
Based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, the CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR was released in 2005 with an attractive half cowl that offered excellent wind protection, improved comfort at highway speeds and convenient storage spaces. For 2010, the CB1300 BOL D'OR features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.
The CB1300 SUPER FOUR is Honda's flagship Naked road sports model. It debuted in 1988 based on the "Project Big-1" concept that set out to embody dramatic riding pleasure coupled with exhilarating riding performance. For 2010, the big CB features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.
Strongly reminiscent of the first-generation Super Cub, the new EV-CUB is a new-generation EV commuter concept model designed to provide environmentally friendly motorcycle riding enjoyment for a wide variety of users. Offering friendly, simple, slim and compact styling, the EV-CUB delivers ample power through the electric motors integrated into both its wheels and the batteries mounted in its aluminum frame. Like the Super Cub, its convenience features include a capacious utility space under its seat.
EVE-neo is an EV concept model designed for business use, such as post and delivery services. Its symbolic design combines a clean, modern New Value image and rugged, reliable styling. The EVE-neo is aimed at a diverse range of business environments as a clean and quiet source of urban mobility in the near future.